CHTHONIC: Acheron/River of Woe

CHTHONIC river of woe - Tom“Acheron: River of Woe” by Tom.

The first completed image from CHTHONIC: a COLORING book arrives.

Tom writes: “I was thinking of green pastures being decimated by a raging mudflow from a melting glacier. Or maybe it is the retina in my eye being bombarded by cosmic rays from a recent solar flare.”

He also included three newspaper references to “river of woe” with his submission.

London. April 7, 1947. “England’s ‘river of woe,’ a stream that appears mysteriously and just as mysteriously disappears, is flowing again for the first time in nine years…the river last coursed through the Caterman valley near London in 1938—just before a typhoid epidemic claimed 43 lives in the region.”

Hancow, China. May 29, 1936. “China’s yellow river of woe, the Yangtze, rose ominously Thursday. There were fears the stream might repeat its disaster of 1931, when it took 200,000 lives.”

Akron, Ohio. November 15, 1989. “The Akron Health Department reports 3,541 births and 6,117 abortions in Akron last year. Curiously, Greek mythology identified Acheron (‘river of woe’) as a place of death.”


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